About us

We're a group of educational institutions that offer continuing education to everyone who wishes to develop their skills and knowledge.

Our vision

Create an engaged community

To share expertise and resources, knowledge and discoveries, we created a community of educational partners. Together, we contribute to the development of a concerted course offering that supports lifelong learning.

Innovate with a unique course offer

Our offer is inspired by work-life balance. With Brio, it's easy to find the course you need with the mode (online, in-class, daytime or evening, etc.) and the budget that suit your life.

Support lifelong learning

Because continuing education is a must in today's world. Because we want to encourage your career path. Because it's never too late to learn, Brio is with you every step of the way.

Our solution
for organizations

A superior digital environment

Our internationally recognized learning content management system (ENA) designed by Université Laval stands out from all other LCMS currently on the market. Its success support tools have earned Université Laval an OCTAS award for excellence, the highest IT distinction in Quebec.

Simplifying learning

The ease of use of the Brio solution lets organizations focus on their mission: to develop the full potential of learners.

Our values


Observe, listen and understand to address your concerns and needs. Get to know you better to offer you a product that reflects you.


We collaborate with different partners because we know that together we are stronger. We're always looking to push our boundaries to serve you better.


We work hard on our course offerings, our learning management solution, our customer service to give you the best with no compromise.


Dare to innovate by bringing together educational institutions to better serve you and offer you choice and flexibility all in one place.

Brio in figures

Brio it's 159,000 learners with access to 500 courses in 14 differents subjects. With courses, activities, 6 MOOCs, 14 programs including 7 microcredentials , there's something for everyone.

With its 5  recognized educational partners,
Brio has the course you need.

Statistics as of February 9, 2022